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[mok-see] noun
possessing character of cleverness, skill, creativity, spirit and fortitude to face any situation.

Words Are Everything.

They are essential and our main source of communication with one another. We need them in business, relationships and everyday life to feel successful, connected, and alive. But sometimes we can’t find the words, or they just won’t come out right. That is where I come in! Let me help ease that anxious feeling you get when you sit down to write your work email, organize your thoughts for that blog, get ready to send out a business proposal, or hesitate to hand over your love letter. Together we will make your writing vision come to life with error-free polished prose, while still maintaining your authentic voice. And if you don’t have the words or the voice, let me take the reins and write it for you! You bring the vision and I’ll bring the moxie. Together we will find the words because Moxie Works!



Send me your notes, ideas and vision of what you want your finished product to read like and let me do the writing for you.


This is for a product needing a deeper revision, involving more composition, annotation, rearrangement, and overall analyzation.


This is for a finished product that simply needs a fresh set of eyes to look over it and make sure it is nothing short of polished and perfect.


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