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Hi, I’m Mandy, the founder of Moxie Works.  I started Moxie Works because I truly have a passion for words.  I live for reading and writing because it simply fascinates me, how putting different words in just the right order can evoke an emotion, teach you a new skill, bring you good fortune, or even change your life!  Finding the perfect words for the perfect moment lights my soul on fire.

I spent my days as a little girl reading as much as I could and writing in journals constantly.  In fact, writing has been how I have sorted out all of my biggest moments in life.  I carried that love into my college years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from California State University of Fullerton.  Since 2007, I have been professionally proofreading, editing, and writing and have been enjoying every minute of it.

Outside of my career, I am a wife to the greatest man on the planet (no really, he is) and am the proud mama of two little ones.  I have a big crazy Irish family, was a contestant on the game show Deal or No Deal, am extremely introverted unless I’m among my most inner circle, and…oh…I also drive a 175-mph race car as a hobby on the weekends!

Making words look and sound just right are simply my thing, and I want to show you how Moxie Works!

Mandy Welch, Moxie Works

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